Surf Art, Culture, Photography and History

Adrian Robert Turner Gallery – Australian surfboard and seascape artist
Aichner Productions – surf photography by Scott Aichner – vintage surf, skate & Hawaiiana
Arballo Entertainment – video production company focused on longboarding
Art and Surfing – surf paintings by French painter Jean Delorme
Art Flow – surfing art & tiki carvings by Ryan Kleiner – surf inspired art & Hawaiiana
AweF’shore Photography – surf photography by Ron Woolhether
Bamboo Ben – custom tiki bars
Banned from the Beach – classic, instrumental surf band
Beach Culture – surf art by John Severson, Eric Maurus, and Nemo
Beach Party Paintings – surf art by Shannon Wing
Bear Surfboards – behind the scenes look at the making of Big Wednesday
John Bilderback – Senior Photographer SURFER Magazine
Billygoat Productions – surf films by Bill Ballard
Richard Bird Surf Photography – surfing photos at the Bob Hall Pier
Brown Brothers Gallery – surf paintings by Mark & David Brown
Bungalow Beach Designs – cool beach, surf and Hawaiian home decor
Aaron Chang – photography – New York surf photography by Thomas Colla
Club Of The Waves – surf artists & photographers from around the world
Crazy Joe’s Surf Lounge – surf lounge music, art, information & entertainment
Creation Captured Surf Art Photography – by Woodworth, Junor and Romanosky
Cruiser Art – classic rusted-out Hawaiian surfing cruisers
Paul Cumes – original surf art from the California Impressionist school
Del Mar Arts – surf art by Charlie Clingman, photography by Chris Leschinsky – unique surfing dolphin stills and video clips
Driftwood Art – surf-inspired acrylics on driftwood by Steve Pleydell-Pearce
Epic Water Housings – compact video camera water housings for hundreds of camera models
The Far Shore – documentary on Kevin Naughton & Craig Peterson’s travels
Paul Ferraris Photography – surf photography by Paul Ferraris
Flow The Movie – documentary on the history of Channel Islands Surfboards
Fluid Films – surf video production company
Fluid Vision Productions – surf videos
Forever Stoked – surf art by Charlie Clingman
FreeLanceVisuals Photography – surf photography by Lance Smith
Geoff’s Surf Art – surf contest posters and surf art
Anthony Ghiglia Photography – surf photography by Anthony Ghiglia
Nathan Gibbs Art – surf art In the guise of wood, paint, emotion, design by Nathan Paul Gibbs
Glas Apparel and Films – Glas filmmakers bring creative vision to the world of art, music & surfing
Go Surf Playing Cards – illustrated surfing card game
Hanalei Surf Stones – mini-handcrafted surfboards by Dave Andrews
Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction – memorabilia, Hawaiiana & more
Heart of the Sea – documentary on the life of surfing legend Rell Sunn – official site of Dave Hobrecht, Surfer Magazine cartoonist – surf photography by Mike Janosz
Martha Jenkins Surf Gallery – photos of top female surfers – surf illustrations & ocean murals by Teresa Gemora
Just Push Play – surf videos
Kahuna Video Productions – longboard surf films by Mike Clancy
Keep It Dry Case – underwater camera housings for surf photographers
Paul Kennedy Photography – surf and travel photography by Paul Kennedy
Killer B Photography – photography by Brian Maglietta, photo tips
Koniakowsky Fine Art – soulful images of surfing & its rich cultural roots by Wade Koniakowsky
Kool Kats Fine Art Prints – fine art prints of a cat surfing and driving a woody
Kooriboards – handpainted surfboards by Australian indigenous people
Rick Leeks Photography – photography
Linking Ring Media Group – surf video production company
Liquid Imagery – photography by Dave Nelson – directory of surf photo galleries by photographers covering local surf scenes
Makaio’s Surf Art – paintings of waves and surfing
Tim McKenna Photography – amazing Laird Hamilton Teahupoo photos
MediaStorm Indpendent – surf video production company, free dvd’s
Jesse Miller’s Oceanart – original surf art by Jesse Miller
Scott Moore – surf paintings based on 60’s longboard surfing
National Surfing/Wrestling “Ironman” Hall-of-Fame
No Limit Sports – surf videos
No Luck Productions – producer of the NJ surfing film, Full Moon
North Shore Photography – photography by Bill Romerhaus, aka Nostalgic Photos Hawaii
Nowhere Photography – surf photography by Sean Slavin, Dana Point CA
Objects Are Nouns – NY & NJ surfing artists, photographers & writers
Pacific Ocean Park Pier – POP Pier history, birthplace of Dogtown, photos
Painted Paradise Gallery – surf art by KenMac
Panama Surf Photos – Panama-based surf photography by Fidel Ponce
Mike Peralta Photography – big-wave water photography
Bob Phillips Surf Art – fine art, original oil paintings and high quality reproductions
Photographer Carla Phillips – portrait, documentary & surf photography by Carla Phillips, New York
Poor Specimen – surf videos
Progression Video Magazine – surf videos
Radical Side east coast surf tv show
RCP Photography – San Diego surf photography by Ramon Purcell
Giuseppe Repetto – surf photographer, Italy
Reverb Central – the source for instrumental surf music – Rick Tontz fine art, surf art, oil paintings, prints
Kathleen Robison Original Oil Paintings – impressionist paintings of beach culture & surfing
Royalty Free Surfing Photos – stock photography images & footage at Can Stock Photo – surf photography by Rick Rickman, San Onofre history & info
Scenic Earth Studios – the art gallery of Rick Short
Kevin A. Short Surf Art – surf paintings and prints by Kevin Short
Shots by McStotts – surf photography by Brian McStotts
Six Foot Glass – T. Shafer, photographer
SPL Waterhousings – water housings for still and video cameras
Stoked 365 – aluminum surf signs
Stormproof Films – surf videos
Surfeando – surf photography by Carla Phillips
Surf Art – surf art, history & culture
Surf Art by Peter Eglington – paintings & posters of the surf ulture by Australian Peter Eglington
Surf Art from Glenn Martin Studios – surf art
Surf Art Studios – surf art paintings, stained glass, tiki carvings and surfboard murals
Surf Mafia – surf videos
Surf NRG Videos – surf videos
Surf Orange County – surfing photography by Bob Bernardo, Orange County, CA
Surf Forever – surf art by Chris Bolden, home of “The Noseriders” watercolor series
Surf Stock Photos at Fotosearch – high quality stock photography & stock footage
Surf Video Network – surf videos and dvds – resource for collectible surfing literature
Surfdog – music and surfing
The Surfers – music from Kelly Slater, Peter King and Rob Machado – surf paintings by Roger Holmes & Steve Andrew
Surfgraphix – official site of Wayne’s Surf Art, mixed media and acrylics – vintage surfing & Hawaiian related collectibles
SurfograpHIe – photography by Stephane Lacasa
Surfpix – stock surfing imagery featuring top surf photographers – collection of surf art by photographers & artists
Surfreal – extreme surfing cartoons, greeting cards, t-shirts and animations – surf videos
Surfwarez – cool cultural stuff for surfers
Tokem Boards – surfboard sculptures created from old and used surfboards
TR Productions – Tony Roberts, photographer & videographer
Willy Uribe – Spain and Basque Country surf photography by Willy Uribe
Malcolm Wilson – museum quality model surfboard replicas by Malcolm Wilson
Vintage Surf Novelties – surfing memorablilia & photos
VisionWorks! Studio – tropical visionary art by Kauai artist Jenifer Higginbotham Prince
Wave Art Sculpture – surf art sculpture by Sterling King
Wave Series Paintings – by artist Elizabeth Hack
We Walk – collective of individual artists and surfers
Witzig Films – Paul Witzig’s trilogy of films includes The Hot Generation, Evolution and Sea of Joy
Woodie & Antique Car Portraits – woodie drawings set on popular So. Cal. beaches
Jeff Yeomans Fine Arts – original surf paintings by Jeff Yeomans
Yoga for Surfers – yoga video series designed by Peggy Hall for surfers

Surfing History & Museums
California Surfing Museum
The Gallery of Surf Classics – classic surf movie posters from the 60’s
The International Surfing Museum
Legendary Surfers – history of surfing’s culture and heroes
Liquid Salt Surf Magazine – celebrating the culture of surfing
Liquid Stage: The Lure of Surfing – surfing documentary which aired on PBS
Magic Surf Bus – The Online Surfing Museum
Santa Cruz Surfing Museum
The Surfworld Museum – The Home of Australia’s Surfing Heritage
Vintage Wooden Surfboards – hollow-core Tom Blake era reproductions