Surf Photos by Chris Grant

Alejo Muniz just before dark

Alejo Muniz, frontside snap as the sun pokes through the late afternoon cloud cover. Chris Grant photo on

In the summer of 2013, Brazil’s Alejo Muniz spent an afternoon surfing under an extremely dark cloud cover. For exactly one wave the sun poked through the clouds and illuminated five solid turns down the line, then it disappeared again. It seemed like a message from above. A few days later, Alejo won the US Open in Huntington Beach.
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Tyler Warren, Timeless Wrap

Tyler Warren drives into a roundhouse cutback at Lowers. Surf photo by Chris Grant.

In a lineup of a hundred surfers who more or less surfed with the same approach that would score points in a weekend surf contest, one surfer stood apart. His lines were clean and pure. Artistically applied speed that stood in stark contrast to the machine-like top-to-bottom surfing that was on an automatic loop throughout the day. The technique of the masses wins heats. The lines of a master win hearts. Timeless surfing by Tyler Warren.
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