Ryan Engle and the Surfboard Building Process at Nation Mfg. Video by Nakisurf.

NATION SURFBOARDS 2014 – Ryan Engle Interview(ライアン・イングル インタビュー 2014)by Max Houtzager from nakisurf on Vimeo.

Ryan Engle, the man behind the Nation Mfg surfboard label, takes you through his surfboard design and building process. When the shape is complete, it moves to the hands of master laminator, Dave Naylor, and the rest of the glassing team. Getting a new board rules! Film by Max Houtzager.
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Almonds. Three empty waves on a perfect, dead-glassy Southern California afternoon.

Alejo Muniz just before dark

Alejo Muniz, frontside snap as the sun pokes through the late afternoon cloud cover. Chris Grant photo on Boardfolio.com

In the summer of 2013, Brazil’s Alejo Muniz spent an afternoon surfing under an extremely dark cloud cover. For exactly one wave the sun poked through the clouds and illuminated five solid turns down the line, then it disappeared again. It seemed like a message from above. A few days later, Alejo won the US Open in Huntington Beach.
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